Monday, December 09, 2013

Making Way for Brighter Days

These past months have been a dark, dark time.

For no particular reason, I expected 2013 to be a good year.

Just so we're clear, it hasn't been a good year.  I would venture to say that it was the worst year I've experienced in my life so far.  A friend of mine asked if it was worse than the year I was diagnosed with cancer, and it took maybe two seconds for me to say, painfully and honestly, that yes, yes this year has been worse than the year I was diagnosed with cancer.

My health is good.  That was the best part of 2013. 

The rest?  Well, I'm thinking that I'm reading to burn 2013 to the ground.  A big bonfire on New Year's Eve, just blow this year away and send the ashes far, far away.

I get so melodramatic sometimes.

I won't be starting any fires on New Year's Eve.  Please.  With my luck, my house would catch on fire, which would set me up for a really crummy 2014.  Metaphorically speaking, though, I'm going to blow 2013 to smithereens.

I don't know what smithereens really are, but that's what 2013 will be when it's over.

I never realized how much negativity from others could affect me and my writing.  I've done so little in terms of taking care of myself and "filling my tank", writing here on my blog, or any writing at all.  I know that needs to change and I'm the only one who can do it, even if things around me haven't settled down.  My life still goes on.  I have no obligation to feed into anyone else's bad attitude and it's up to me to avoid letting their bad attitudes bring me down.

Nanny nanny boo boo, 2013.