Wednesday, January 09, 2013


I gave a lot of thought to the goals I wanted to set for myself in 2013 and while they're nothing huge, they're a pretty big deal for me. 

My first goal is to wear a little more color.  Not necessarily every single day, but some splashes of color here and there.  I wear a lot of toned-down colors for work, so the color may be a bright scarf or colorful piece of jewelry, but it'll be something that pops.  Something that stands out.  Something that makes me stand out.

My second goal started out a little too broad.  I decided to do something that scares me this year.  That should be pretty easy, but I also knew that leaving it so broad would make it way to easy to bail out on anything difficult, so I narrowed it down.  There are two smaller goals part of that broader one.  The first is that I'm going to make an effort to be less guarded and just be more open.  The second part of that is that I decided I'm going to share twelve things about myself that nobody knows.  That works out to one thing per month, which I should be able to manage.  Maybe I can just sit down one day and tell someone twelve things about me and get it all over and done with.  Or, more likely, it'll be New Year's Eve and I'll be asking someone if they have two minutes so I can spill twelve things about myself.  However it works out, the process will still be crazy scary.

Here's to a scary good 2013!

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