Tuesday, November 06, 2012


This is not political at all (though I did vote today!).

People need to realize that being great and being good are two different things.  Selfishness is not an attractive quality.  Not taking accountability for one's actions and words (or lack of one's actions and words) is not attractive. Blaming others for your own shortcomings is annoying.  Don't even get me started on being irresponsible.  Lies by omission are still lies--and in many ways, far more damaging than blatant lies.  Owning one's mistakes and misdeeds (both intentional and not) goes a long way in an apology.  Nonsense apologies are just that--nonsense.  No apology at all is way better than a half-hearted, insincere apology.  What makes a good apology?  Saying you're sorry, owning what you did wrong and sincerely accepting responsibility, making it right and finally, making sure it doesn't happen again.

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