Monday, October 01, 2012

What's the Secret?

It started with a black lace slip.

Back up for a minute.

It started with needing a neutral-colored bra. The slip came later.

So it started with bra shopping. 

I apologize for any men who are reading and now eye-rolling over the fact that I'm talking about bra shopping.  But c'mon, you'd probably rather read about it than be subjected to holding your wife's or girlfriend's purse while she tries them on, right?

Right.  So.  Bra shopping.  All I needed was a neutral/dark tan bra that would be invisible under a nice, white blouse for work.  I usually go to Kohl's for things like that, but was out of luck there, so I headed to Victoria's Secret. 

First, I need to point out that a regular bra at Victoria's Secret is cheaper than my preferred brand at Kohl's.  Interesting.

Anyhoodle, I found what I needed in a perfect size and was happy as a lark.  (Are larks happy?)  But as I was heading to the checkout line, a very feminine slip caught my eye.  Pretty, delicate, lightweight, a black lace/floral pattern.  I had no reason to make such a purchase, but I was drawn to it.

It's like it shouted, "PICK ME!"

And then it shrieked, "LOOK!  I'M IN YOUR SIZE!"

And then the coup de grace..."AND I'M ON SALE!!"

With very little forethought or intention, I picked it up and draped it over my arm.  There was something about it, without even wearing it, that made me feel like a lady.  Not a tough-as-nails director of a social service program.  Not a worn out mom.  Not a wife.  Not a sex kitten (although I'm sure there are plenty of other things in that store that could make me feel like a sex kitten).

Not anything but a lady.

When I got it home, I kicked off my jeans and t-shirt to try it on.  I know I should have tried it on in the store, but I didn't.  Impulse purchase, remember?

It fit beautifully.  And the ladylike feeling only intensified.

The thing is, nobody will see me in it.  It's a slip, something to be worn under a nice dress or perhaps under a skirt and blazer.  It's not fancy.  But that little bit of delicate lace restored a feeling of femininity that gets buried under so many other facades.

And I think...maybe...that's the secret of Victoria's Secret.  At least that's the case for me.  It's not about making me into something I feel like I'm supposed to be, but reminding me of who I am on the inside. 

A lady.