Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Few Lines

I wish I had some kind of good reason for being away from my blog for so long, but the truth is, I don't. Nothing much has changed, I'm as busy as ever with working two jobs and managing a household, but I seem to have lost a little bit of my spunkiness. And I think that my desire to write went out the window with that spunkiness. Putting it all in perspective, I think I'm just good old-fashioned tired. Just tired. Since 2009, things have been a whirlwind of chaos and near disasters, sprinkled with stress and financial woes. No worries, this isn't a pity party. My point, though, is that since 2009, I've been SO consumed with managing one thing after another that the end result has been I'm too tired and distracted to engage in the activities that I enjoy. Like blogging. At least a few times a week, I think of things that I would love to write about, but by the time I actually have time to write, I'm too tired and decide to go to bed. I'm going to work on changing that. There's a lot of random stuff in this little brain of mine that I need to get out, and honestly, writing has always been an outlet that's left me feeling a little more sane. And I could use a little extra sanity these days!

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Cheryl said...

I really need to write when I have those, 'I need to blog about that' moments. I think that's the secret. We can't let time pass by. Thanks for helping me get inspired to post.