Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Living With Regrets

I always tell myself that I prefer to live my life without regrets.  Everything happens for a reason.  Everything that happens makes me who I am.

As I've contemplated this more, though, I've determined that I want my life to be overflowing with regrets.

I read a quote sometime back, not sure where or by who, but it was something to the effect of enjoying life and being satisfied with living with regrets for the things you've done, rather than living with regret over the things you never did.

There is good regret, after all.  And good regret is what I'm after in this lifetime. 

I may regret wasting the last roll of toilet paper in a toilet paper fight with my daughter.  Who uses the last roll of toilet paper in the house to have a toilet paper fight?  Well, apparently, I do.  And what I don't regret is the priceless smile and hysterical laughter bubbling out of my kiddo, the wide-eyed wonder on her face as she took in her normally low-key mom whipping around toilet paper all over the stairs and hallway. 

I may regret staying out all night with a friend because it meant that I was painfully exhausted the next day.  But I don't regret that in the time I was out, we talked and laughed and shared secrets and problem solved and that more importantly, we took the opportunity to be good friends to each other and re-connected after a long hiatus.

I may regret choices that I've made, things I've done, things I've said...but if the trade-off is learning to be a better person, then bring it on.  I'm looking forward to a life of regrets.

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Jim Latchford said...

"Regretfully," I agree with you.