Saturday, December 10, 2011

Look! It's Me!

Wow, December snuck up on me.  November zipped by as I made my first attempt at NaNo.  The semester is done, thank goodness.  It wasn't a great session, but it's over now and I'm looking forward to the next few weeks of no teaching before the new semester starts.  Christmas is two weeks away and I'm almost done shopping, which is good.  I did lots of shopping online this year, with only a few adventurous forays into the stores.  I just don't do well with crowds.  Years ago, I always had my shopping done by Thanksgiving, but these days, my schedule doesn't allow for that. 

Anyhoo, I've been busy, as always, juggling work and home and trying to squeeze in some time for myself here and there.  My kiddo's been having a really hard time lately.  She's so intense and so obsessive about things.  I'm doing what I can to teach her to lighten up a bit.  That's kind of ironic coming from me, considering my own personality.  I just want her to have fun and be a kid.  Kids these days have so much to do, so much to worry about, so much on their plates.  I refuse to make my kiddo grow up too soon.  She needs to be able to play and be goofy and silly, the way kids are supposed to do.  I always felt old, even when I was young--that whole "old soul" thing--and I find myself enjoying things as an adult that I think I should have enjoyed more when I was younger.  It's fine to enjoy stuff as an adult, but I don't ever want my kiddo looking back with a sigh of regret over all the things she didn't do.  I hope that's one lesson I can teach her.  Life is too short with too much uncertainty to let things slip by.

And that's my philosophical moment of the day.  For now, I've got laundry to fold and a house that needs cleaning.  Not that either of those are likely to get done tonight, because I'm really thinking about going to bed.  Sleep is the definite winner tonight.

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