Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Truckin' Along

Okay, this whole accountability thing is good for me!

1.  Towels were folded and put away last night, sheets were washed and put back on the bed, my bookcase is clean and dusted.  Tonight, I'm tackling the top of my dresser.

2.  Did Pilates last night.  Depending on when the kiddo goes to bed tonight, I'll either do Pilates again or a Firm dance workout.

3.  Did not bring lunch to work today BUT instead of going the route of getting something unhealthy, I drove the extra 4 miles to go home and eat a bowl of cereal and some fruit.

4.  Got to bed at 10:16pm last night.  Not entirely my fault, the sheets weren't quite dry, so it put me a little behind.  Aiming for 10pm tonight.

5.  Update posted.  :)

My kiddo is having a really difficult evening.  Something happened at school today, some mixup on the library computer and she accidentally got access to an audio/e-book that was beyond her grade level and scared the daylights out of her.  She's been crying intermittently since I picked her up and can't seem to calm down.  It's so hard for me to see that she's so upset and nothing I'm doing or saying seems to be helping her feel better.  I know she's growing up, but she is and always will be my baby and it hurts to know that she's so scared.  I'm kind of mad at the school, but I guess the computer things wasn't really anybody's fault...but of course, I'm the one dealing with the fallout, not the school, so that accounts for the grumpiness on my part. 

We'll be doing lots of talking about guardian angels tonight and how they protect her from imaginary witches.  (Sigh)

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