Friday, October 28, 2011

Today... a better day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be even better.

I have A LOT of cleaning to do.  I can't stand it when the house gets so cluttery and messy, so it's going to be a long evening.  I can't look at it anymore.  I've already gotten one bag of garbage together.  It's not anything nasty, but junk mail piles up, the kiddo's school papers pile up, hubs leaves his stuff all over the dining room, and unfortunately, the bedroom has become a catch-all for when there isn't a place for something.

I've had enough.  This happens a few times a year, where I just get kind of neglectful of the house, but the holidays are fast approaching and I don't want to have to worry about this nonsense later.  I'll tackle what I can in the next two days.  Part of what motivated me was last week's "Five Things In Five Days".  I did pretty good with cleaning/organizing one thing each day and it's just carrying over.  I'm glad about that.

I also told my kiddo that I'm throwing away all of her old crayons and markers.  She was horrified, but I explained that half of the markers are dried up, the crayons are a broken up we'll start from scratch with a new box of markers and a new box of crayons.  Her face lit up like a ray of sunshine.

Speaking of sunshine, the days are getting way shorter.  I miss seeing the sunshine in the evenings.  Snow will be here before I know it...eeek.  Not quite ready for that yet.

What I am ready for is to tackle another load of laundry, so off I go!

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