Sunday, September 18, 2011

Menu Plan

I always do better with eating healthy when I plan my weekly saves money, too, because I know ahead of time what I need to get from the store and there's no last-minute despair if I haven't planned something and no associated guilt for then going out to eat.

Sunday (today)~ Beef tips and mushrooms in gravy, fresh steamed green beans, apple dumplings

Monday~ Baked potato soup with cauliflower puree

Tuesday~ Pork roast with barbecue mushroom sauce, peas, baked apples

Wednesday~ Baked chicken, rice, yellow squash, sauteed pears

Thursday~ Spinach and feta pierogis with peppers

Friday~ Chicken enchiladas

Saturday~ Pizza night!


Margaret said...

Sounds Delicious!

Catherine said...

Lately I've been buying food like it's going out of style or something. I need to start menu planning to empty my fridge and freezer!