Sunday, August 21, 2011


I've never been a fan of the word "trends".  To me, "trend" implies something temporary, something short-lived.  Like parachute pants.

On the other hand, if something occurs as part of a "trend" and it's bad, the temporary, short-lived thing can be good.

Case in point...

Last year, on the very first day of kindergarten, my kiddo complained of a tag in her shirt that was making her itch.  Dear old dad cut the tag out, accidentally cutting two holes in the shirt at the same time.  Immediately after, he accidentally hit her in the head with the scissors.  Lots of tears ensued and we made the short drive to school with her holding an ice pack on her head.

Now, one incident is NOT a trend.  But two?  Well, that could be the makings of a trend. 

See, today, the day before the first day of first grade, I was helping my kiddo pick out clothes for the week.  On a whim, I had her try on her pants--even though we just did this less than two weeks ago--and lo and behold, the pants are too small!  But the trend...she was complaining about a tag in a skirt that does fit.  I cut it out.  And cut a hole in the skirt.  Then as she was shimmying out of the too-small pair of pants, she cracked her head on the corner of the foot board on her bed.  Lots of tears ensued and she spent the afternoon holding an ice pack on her head. 

I think that's a trend.  It's only at this time of year that tags seem to be itchier and her head has mishaps.  Perhaps beginning a week before next school year, I will hide all scissors and design a bubble-wrap dress and hat for my kiddo.

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