Saturday, June 25, 2011

Single-Handedly Keeping My Garbage Man in Business

I haven't had much to say lately, hence, no blogging.  I've been in the worst funk for weeks.  My days just run into each other between working my regular job, teaching and managing everything that goes along with summer school, organizing the house in anticipation of having to move, and still making sure I'm available to my kiddo.  It's really no crazier or harder than anyone else's life, but I'm tired.

As for moving, it's not definite (yet...), but I know we can't stay here.  It's been a battle of wills with the spouse as to whether or not we keep the house, but his will is finally being overruled by the reality of our financial situation.  I've been cleaning like crazy for the past two weeks and have thrown out so much stuff that I'm stunned.  We don't have a particularly big house, but as I look at what I'm getting rid of, I can't believe it all fit in here.  Two weeks ago when I cleaned out my closet and my half of the bedroom, there were 6 bags of clothes, coats, shoes, etc., plus 5 bags of stuff to throw away.  I couldn't even tell you what all I got rid of, so it must have been pretty insignificant stuff--a heck of a lot of insignificant stuff!  It did feel good, though.  I'm approaching each room I clean with the mentality of:  When did it last get used?  Is it needed?  Will it fit if we take it to a smaller house?  Could someone else get use out of this?  Do I want to deal with the hassle of packing and then unpacking it?

While most of the things I'm getting rid of are minor, I'm shocked that I'm getting rid of things I thought I would keep forever!  As I look at them, though, I realize they are, after all, just things.  I'm allowing myself one storage bin for "sentimental items".  Things like a graduation card from my college best friend, a faded ultrasound picture, my first Mother's Day card--things like that I'm keeping.  Everything else has gotta go.

I'm not sure if that makes my garbage man happy or sad.  I do know that he works hard, but he's really been busting his you-know-what and earning his paycheck at my driveway in the past few weeks.  I'm hoping to get in another garage sale sometime in the next few weeks and then maybe we'll just rent a dumpster for a day and get rid of anything else in one swoop.

And I keep telling myself that even if the mister finds a full-time job in the next few months and we end up staying, my house will be cleaner and more organized and free of junk than it has been in years.  And that is a good thing.

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