Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It was an easy decision to skip my workout this evening and instead curl up in pajama pants and an old t-shirt and put this day to bed.  I'm sleepy today and looking forward to conking out for the night.

I've been working on getting things together for summer school and doing my best to keep up with housework and laundry.  I'm often convinced that laundry breeds when nobody is looking.  It's like the gremlins or something--get it wet and it multiplies, feed it after midnight and the evil takes over the household.  I'm pretty sure Stripe lives at the bottom of the dirty towel bin.

I decided today to take two weeks off work later this summer.  I believe I haven't taken more than a straight week off since I was on maternity leave and my kiddo is now six.  It occurred to me that I have almost 8 weeks of vacation hoarded and I need to take some of it.  Money is scarce, but I'm hoping to get in a real family vacation.  Nothing over the top or fancy, probably a distance that we can reasonably drive and no 5-star accommodations, but just to get away.  I'm hoping that putting some physical distance between me and everything here that I'm worrying about will be helpful.

Our hopes for selling the house are mostly dashed--it seems like the housing market is starting to recover in some areas, but not here.  There are homes in our neighborhood on the market for $50-70k less than what people paid for them 10 years ago.  So discouraging.  The only alternative is the for the hubs to find a full-time job.  After 23 months of not having a full-time job, something has to give.  He's got a lead on a job that would start with the new school year and we've got our fingers crossed.  It's so hard to understand how a well-educated academic professional can't find work, but competition is intense.  I've heard that there are often anywhere between 300-1500 applicants for a single position in a school district in this area. 

I'm keeping my hopes up that things will work out.  I tell myself that things DO work out and they WILL, one way or another--not always the way I want them to, but I'll make the most of whatever the outcome is and travel that road when I come to it.

I wouldn't mind if that road led to some lottery winnings or a big bag of money landing in my lap.  Just sayin'.  Of course, with my luck, the bag of money landing in my lap would be attached to cinder blocks and break my legs or something.  'Cause that's just how my luck usually rolls. 

But anyway, just for today, I'm going to push some of my worries aside and daydream about a vacation.  My kiddo has expressed interest in riding a roller coaster.  I haven't been on a roller coaster since I got married--the hubs is really afraid of heights and won't ride them with me.  At this point, I wonder if I'd get sick riding one?  I hope not.  I kind of like that adrenaline rush and would so enjoy sharing that with the kiddo.  Off to dream about roller coasters and the beach...

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