Monday, March 28, 2011

I Knew It!

I really get a kick out of making bad jokes about my job. My job is the most amazing, fulfilling and agonizing thing I've ever encountered--outside of parenthood, that is. Last year during a Knights of Columbus fundraiser, I was walking a radius around the office building outside carrying a container and asking strangers for spare change and giving them a Tootsie Roll in return. As I sweated out there in the afternoon sun, I thought, "I always knew if I worked in social services long enough, I'd end up on a street corner asking strangers for money." When I moved from my badly overheated and windowless office to a nicer, upstairs office with FOUR windows, I thought, "I always knew if I worked here long enough, I'd end up on the second floor." Today, as I sat in the doctor's office after work and he told me he needed to get an MRI of my head, I thought, "I always knew if I stayed in this line of work, I'd need to get my head checked." Funny! Well, the part about the MRI isn't so funny, I guess. I fell down at home yesterday and cracked my head on the wall. Even worse, I was holding my kiddo when I fell and she hit her head, too. We're both totally fine, but I went to the doctor and explained that I had a wave of dizziness right before I fell. He thinks it might be an inner ear problem, because he tried to get me to stand perfectly straight in the office and I almost fell again. Curse vertigo! I learn something new everyday, though. I had no idea that an MRI of my brain would show a problem with my inner ear. Fascinating!


Margaret said...

Well....? Let me know what happened!

Biddie said...

You have such a positive outlook!
What were the results? Is everything ok??