Sunday, February 06, 2011

My House is a Portal to Hell

Okay, not really. Just feels like it sometimes.
  • Water in the house right after we moved in.
  • Frozen sump pump line (over and over and over again).
  • The time the smoke detectors went berserk.
  • Ghosts under the bed (long story on that one).
  • Appliances that randomly go crazy then go back to normal.
  • Field mice.

The field mice are a new addition. In the middle of the blizzard on Tuesday night, there was a loud pop from the basement, that turned out to be a seal around (I think) the electric meter. There was snow in the basement.

It never occurred to me that field mice would find their way in through that crack. It occurs to me now that they're IN MY HOUSE. I bought a bunch of traps last night and I'm pretty sure the cashier thought I was preparing for armageddon.

These mice are something else. Just hanging out, making themselves at home. I strongly suspect there was a nest outside--the dog had been going crazy trying to dig under the fence and deck for over a week and I'm wondering now if she could smell it. Anyway, I clobbered one with a shoe last night. I squealed like a little girl and made my husband take it outside. Caught another one in a trap shortly after that. There are a few more lurking in the basement. They will soon be caught, too. Hubs is going to try to seal the crack--hello steel wool and cement. If it looks like something more than just the crack or if we find a nest, then I'm calling for professional reinforcement. I have never used an exterminator before, but I'm thinking a professional will know better where to look and exactly what to look for and seal any other cracks or gaps that might be along the foundation.

This is the first time I ever wanted a cat. I'm seriously considering borrowing a cat from a friend and letting it stay overnight in the basement. Pretty sure that would take care of the problem!

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