Friday, January 07, 2011

Finding the Good

I had one of those weeks where I understand why people in helping professions feel like their jobs are thankless. I'm proud of the work I do. It can be exhausting and emotional...and yes, sometimes thankless.

I've had things thrown at me. I've been questioned about my motivations for trying to help abused children. I've been told that 6 sessions of therapy should be more than enough to help someone deal with the trauma of sexual abuse. I've been called the c-word (no, not "cute"). I've been told that after someone commits suicide, the surviving spouse needs to just "get over it." Lives of co-workers have been threatened by a violent criminal.

Those things happen on a weekly basis. No joke.

And yet, in between, I find time to laugh with my co-workers. And cry sometimes, too. And find the spark in a little boy's eyes--the same eyes that only weeks ago were vacant, emotionless, feral. And see a woman cautiously lift her head to make eye contact after months of being locked inside of herself after a brutal assault from someone who supposedly loved her.

And I find time to think about the small miracles that happen around me every single day.

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Cheryl said...

Your clients are so lucky that the stress of your job has not made you jaded and that you've not lost your ability for compassion.