Thursday, December 09, 2010

Weathering the Weather

I like living in the midwest. I appreciate the changes in seasons, but the weather can be extreme sometimes, can't it? A co-worker shared that on a busride to Minneapolis (with around 40 physically handicapped clients), they rode through an ice storm and then through tornado-like weather. I say tornado-like because they didn't actually see the tornado, but the sirens were blaring and they saw a cow that had been lifted off the ground by the wind. That's some midwest weather for you.

Right now, it's snowing like crazy and my neighborhood is blanketed in white. The commute to work tomorrow will be interesting. And dangerous. Dangerous because the streets were coated in ice before the snow started falling. Eeek.

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Margaret said...

"Just an infection, I prayed. Please. I want to have a bladder infection, nothing more. "

This reminds me of when my neighbor felt something not right with her lungs and she hoped it was a hard to treat fungus--anything other than the cancer popping up.

So, I will be praying that it's just an infection gone wild, nothing more.

Love & Love,