Thursday, November 11, 2010


Sorry, couldn't think of a title. It's been quite a week and I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday!

Saw Hottie Doc on Monday and was so glad that everything came back fine. He's funny--he walks in the room, all happy and perky, getting everything ready for the procedure, asking how I am. My response? "Look Doc. It's Monday morning. I'm wearing a black sweater, black knee socks and no pants. And you're about to violate my bladder with a video camera. The way I see it, my day can only get better from here."

Work has been crazy busy, but I'm not complaining. It certainly beats the alternative! The only problem I'm having right now is that I've been so sick! I can barely keep up during the day because I'm so exhausted. Even after a full round of antibiotics and prescription cough medicine every night, I just can't seem to shake this bronchitis. It's annoying, the cough keeps me awake when I should be sleeping and it wears me out during the day. Booooo.

I've got a post started about Veteran's Day...not done yet, but hopefully I can get that posted tomorrow. Should be a little more meaningful than this mindless rambling.

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