Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I haven't had to deal with a flu virus in 9 years. The last time I caught the flu, I was knocked on my behind for a week. I hadn't gotten a flu shot since then.

I am knowledgeable and practical. I am fully aware that I cannot get the flu from an injectable flu vaccine. The virus is dead and all it does is cause an immune response to then protect me if I'm exposed to the live flu, right?

Well, I got a flu shot this year. I did it in support of my little girl, who really needs a flu shot every year because of her breathing problems. I got my shot maybe 4 weeks ago.

Since last Friday night, I've been a big ball of pain and fever. It hurts to move. It hurts to talk. It hurts to breathe and blink. Can't eat. Keep coughing. Sore throat. No stuffy nose, which is good. All I want to do is sleep. I have not been to a doctor, but I'm pretty sure this is a flu bug. It's not a cold, that's for sure. And I need to get well by Monday, because I see Hottie Doc for my next bladder scope and I can't get it done if I'm sick!

I cancelled class tonight and I'm giving serious consideration to taking the day off work tomorrow so I can just rest. In fact, I think I might take a hot bath and then go to bed. A 7pm bedtime tonight sounds good.

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Catherine said...

You probably just got a different strain of the flu, and probably it had ideal conditions with the weird weather change already giving your body whiplash. Feel better! Lots of liquids!