Sunday, October 03, 2010


I would really enjoy a vacation right about now. Autumn is here, the weather is cooler, leaves are changing colors, Halloween is's all good stuff that I'm enjoying, but a vacation would be so nice. If circumstances were a little different, I would take my kiddo to Maine next weekend, just the two of us. She has a long weekend (no school on Friday or Monday), airfare isn't too bad right now and we could spend a few days in a small town, enjoying the local culture. Unfortunately, my own work schedule doesn't allow for that at the moment, nor do finances. I remind myself that life won't always be like this--things will settle down and some sort of normalcy will return.

Everything else is about the same. I spent most of my weekend preparing for and cleaning up from the hubby's poker gathering. A lot of effort goes into those little parties, but everyone seems to have a good time. I usually do the cleaning and cooking, then do my own thing while the guys play. They were out in the garage last night, I worked on some sewing in the dining room after the kiddo went to bed, then went upstairs and read The Bridges of Madison County for probably the 458th time. (I adore that book.) In any case, it was nice overall. The hubs has a birthday on Monday (35!) and I thought it would be nice for him to celebrate with his friends. He enjoyed it.

Today I did some chasing, bought a few things from Kohl's--all things I currently need, no wasteful spending here! Actually, I bought a night shirt, an undergarment and two tops, and I paid ten cents. No kidding. I had some Kohl's cash and a gift card and after those were processed, I handed over a dime from my purse and was on my way. Nice!

I'm going to Trader Joe's in a little while and I'm hoping to keep that under $40. I don't get paid until Friday and I know I'll need gas for my car, so I just have to figure out how to balance that out.

I don't need to do any cooking tonight. There are leftovers from last night's gathering, so it'll be spinach salad, chili, enchiladas and apple crisp. And cupcakes for dessert.

It occurred to me that the holidays are just around the corner. Halloween is in a few weeks, followed by Thanksgiving, and then Christmas will come roaring up, too. I started thinking about Christmas shopping and I'm getting ideas for the kiddo. She doesn't ask for much and it's always fun coming up with ideas for what to get her. This year will be no different.

Let's see...anything else? Oh, my dog had surgery on her paw last weekend. That was an unplanned (and expensive) event. She was digging in the yard and got a claw hooked on something--split and fractured it deep into the skin. Tomorrow will hopefully be her last post-op visit.

I think I'm going to be Wonder Woman for Halloween this year. THAT should be fun. I'm also making an octopus costume for my kiddo. Hilarious!

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SkippyMom said...

I am so anxious for the holidays to get here! Yay! We love the whole shebang - in fact the youngest has already decorated the outside for Halloween. heehee - And you should go as Wonder Woman - very befitting!

Sorry about the pooch - the vet can be incredibly expensive. But glad to hear she is going to be better soon.

Have a great week. I have some catching up to do :)