Sunday, September 26, 2010

These Days

In spite of some hardships and regular complications, I have a simple little life. And that's okay. I would like it, however, if things stayed mostly simple and less complicated. This weekend, like most weekends, went by far too quickly and I can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that it's already Sunday night. I punked out on most of the household chores, but still had plenty to keep me busy. Lots of errands, swimming lessons for the kiddo, cooking a big dinner and making chocolate chip cookies, an emergency trip to the vet with a little surgery for the doggy's paw...little things that quickly add up, and then POOF! It's Sunday night.

As of right now, I technically have three jobs. (Gulp.) I've been with my company just about ten years. I've moved up through the ranks since my days as an intern, and this past Monday, I started a new position--thanks to a promotion--as a Director in our mental health program. Very exciting. But my previous position hasn't been filled yet, so I'm doing that job, too. I'm director of the outpatient, psychosocial rehab, 24-hour group homes and veterans doing all my previous duties, i.e. managing all the clinical treatment for every client in the program and doing quality assurance stuff. AND I'm teaching on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

I'm looking forward to December. I plan on taking a week off to sleep.

I guess my point is that just like most folks, these days are busy. I miss blogging and I miss catching up on everyone else's blogs, too. Unfortunately, by the end of the day, I'm just tired and I see so much other stuff that needs to get done. I need to tell the dirty dishes and laundry to quit their hanky-panky and stop reproducing when I'm not looking. How is it that there's always dirty stuff, even if I've already taken care of all of it? Eeek.

Anyway, that's it for now. I have to get my notes ready for class this week and I need to dust in the living room and dining room. More nonsense later.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Small World

You know those moments that occur--moments where things suddenly fall into place, moments beyond any real explanation, other than that it's providence, and Providence with a capital P! Today, one of my coworkers was not feeling well and she mentioned, a little too casually for my liking, that she was having crushing pain in her chest. She's a young lady, a mere 27 years old, with no history of heart problems, but I was not playing around.

After all, I was a mere 27 years old when I had crushing chest pain and my kiddo was only 5 days old and I was seeing my short life flash in front of my eyes.

I had the receptionist call 911 while I took care of her, and when the paramedics showed up, I was giving them a quick history when I made eye contact with one of them (who appeared to be supervising two student paramedics) and had an immediate flash of recognition. Those eyes. Blue. So blue. Piercing, almost fake looking, and almost creepy if not for the merriment that dances in them.

It was the same paramedic who took care of me that scary night, a little more than five years ago, when I had crushing chest pain and an erratic heartbeat. The same paramedic who lifted me off the floor, held me up with one hand and changed my clothes with the other hand, and so gently got me up onto the gurney and out to the ambulance. The same paramedic who came back and checked on me every single time he came back to the hospital that night. The same paramedic who has, since 2005, inspired me every Thanksgiving to send cookies to the local fire departments, thanking them for their dedication and service to our community.

I felt so good knowing that my co-worker was in his very strong and very capable hands.

And if that's not a clear example of God (or Jesus, or Angels or Guardian Angels or however you want to define it) at work, then I don't know what is. Wow.

Friday, September 03, 2010


I've been sitting for about 10 minutes, staring at a blank screen and trying to remember what the heck I was going to write about. It's been a wacky week and I've been so scattered I can barely keep track of my own thoughts, let alone anything else.

I'm in the running for a promotion at work, which is both exciting and anxiety-provoking. There's some tough competition from within my own department. I'm doing what I can to prepare--my transfer application is in, along with my updated resume, and I've got three letters of recommendation in the works. I guess all I can do is wait and see what happens.

Things at home are pretty much the same. Kiddo is doing fairly well with adjusting to school. She likes her teacher, has made some new friends and really enjoys all the different classes and activities. However, she hates eating lunch at school. This week was better than last week, but she's still struggling. She lost a little over three pounds because she was so anxious during lunch that she just wasn't eating. We've been working hard to help her get over that hump and it looks like it's working.

Hubby is still not working. I never really thought that 14+ months after losing his job, he'd still be out of work, but he is. This is our last month of COBRA and we have yet to find insurance coverage. I know that if we go without insurance for six months, he and the kiddo will qualify for the new state transition insurance...I forget what it's actually called, but basically, it's kind of a hold-over for people like us, who aren't able to get affordable coverage anywhere else. The problem we run into over and over again is issues with pre-existing conditions. When we first started looking around, I thought the insurance companies couldn't do that because of HIPAA, but HIPAA only holds water when an individual is moving from one group policy to another group policy, not a group policy to an individual, private policy. Booooo.

Hmmm...anything else? Oh yeah. My hair. It's getting a little too gray for my liking. I think the stress of the past year has something to do with it. I was brushing my hair yesterday morning before work and was puzzled as to why a few sections were growing in so light--my hair is a medium brown with some hints of red and blonde, but this was a much, much lighter shade near the roots. Then I realized it wasn't light. It was gray. I bought some root touch up and used it last night. Thank you, Medium Golden Brown Root Touch Up for making my hair look normal again.

Tonight, I'm hanging out at home, irritated and in a bad mood overall. I really wanted to go swimming last night, but there was an outdoor concert at the stadium next to the park district pool and there was no parking. Tonight, there was a football game and again, no parking. Although tonight, there were a bunch of jerks tailgating and hogging anywhere from 2-4 parking space. So irritating. We're paid members for the aquatic center and couldn't even get in to use our memberships. I'm hoping to get to the pool tomorrow. I haven't gone since last Saturday--I swam 46 laps--and I miss it. It's honestly the best stress reliever for me. For that little while, it's just me and the water. No worrying about money or work or insurance or cleaning the house or anything. All I hear is the sound of my own breathing and the rush of the water. Best therapy in the world.

That's it, I guess. I'm glad it's a long weekend. I'm hoping to get some work done in the garden, taking the kiddo and myself for haircuts tomorrow, baking for a party the hubby is going to on Sunday and then getting ready for class next week. I suspect the weekend won't be nearly as relaxing as I'm hoping for, but I'll make the most of it. Maybe one night I can squeeze in a few hours of fun time and meet friends for a movie or drink or something.

Or maybe I'll just catch up on sleep. That would be good, too.