Friday, July 09, 2010

365 Days

This is the doctor who first suspected that something was wrong.
She was diligent in testing and as soon as she had an inkling it was more than she should be handling, she sent me to a specialist.

This is HD--Hottie Doc.

He's the doctor who found the growth in my bladder. He was the one who realized it was some sort of tumor. He was the one who planned to take it out, despite protests that it was probably nothing (since I had no risk factors); and despite reservations from the insurance company, who felt it was an expensive and unnecessary procedure. He was the one who found cancer quietly lurking and growing in my bladder. He was the one who got it out and opened a can of whup-ass on it. I see him every few months for follow-up procedures and I am so pleased with his attitude--he's the right balance of cocky and compassionate, which is exactly what I want from someone who's routinely poking around my insides and slicing and dicing when necessary.

This is the doctor who took out the lump/lymph node from my groin.
She totally cheered me on and may have been even happier than me when the biopsy came back as NOT cancer.

This is the doctor who coordinates my care and makes sure referrals are completed and that my insurance manages office visits, tests, procedures, surgeries and treatment.

Without him, none of my treatment would have been paid for by my insurance company--probably thirty thousand dollars in the past year.

These doctors are all part of my treatment team, and without them, I wouldn’t be celebrating this, today, July 9, 2010…

I AM ONE YEAR CANCER-FREE and I am so thankful for the amazing doctors and surgeons who have helped and supported me (and cut me open several times--but it was all for the greater good)!


Cheryl said...

Sorry I'm late in getting here. Congratulations on your 1 year mark. I hope you celebrate this every year. That's quite a team. Thank goodness for people like them. And hottie doctor? You were not exaggerating! Wow!

Marni said...

Fan-dang-tastic. They look like a great team!