Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New Day

Woke up this morning with an "emotion hangover"...that peculiar, heavy feeling after a long night of swinging on an emotional pendulum. I feel more tired now than I did when I went to bed last night. However, it's a new day and I get to decide what to do with it. And today, I'm deciding to be thankful for the day I have...

8. Faint traces of purple and yellow in the eastern sky, a hazy sunrise trying to break through the clouds that are looking to release snow.

9. Soft creaking in the floor, signaling a waking household and the patter of footsteps down the hall as my daughter makes her way in to say good morning.

10. Pink sweater and faded jeans.

11. A few moments of quiet in the dark to think and give thanks in spite of my circumstances.


A Joyful Chaos said...

What a great thing to do, focusing on things that make life sweeter. Thanks for sharing.


those are the worst! At least a physical hangover goes away with some greasefood, tylenol and perhaps a couple visits to the bathroom.
Hope things get better. :(

Did the groundhog see his shadow?

Margaret said...

In Illinois, the groundhog did not see his shadow. Hello early Spring! And Martha, I hope that pink sweater is the one we've talked about before--the one you should wear more often.