Monday, February 01, 2010

I got nothin'.

No menu plan.

Nothing witty to say.


Well, I am recovering from a dislocated kneecap. I guess that counts for something. And I might have a torn ACL. That probably counts for something, too. But it's nothing interesting. Dog ran between my legs yesterday, knocked me over and boom-pop-tear in my right knee. Ouch. I cried. ER last night, visit with family doc today, MRI tentatively scheduled at the end of the week. I say tentatively because I'm hoping I won't have to go. If I'm able to start walking in the next few days, it most likely means it's just the dislocation with a bad sprain. That's what I'm hoping for.

Actually, what I'm really hoping for is an opportunity to re-do yesterday, avoid the fall and avoid the $250 ER co-pay.

Hmmmmm...what else?

Well, it's February. I can hardly believe that. It's still winter, but it'll be spring before we know it. I'm hoping this month might bring some job options to my hubby. It's been a rough couple of months...which has led to having to make some tough decisions about whether we should sell the house and whether we'll be able to afford private school for our kiddo. All this thinking and decision-making has resulted in a lot of headaches lately--my head hurts almost daily.

Wow, this is kind of a "downer" post. Maybe after a good night's sleep, I'll feel a little more like myself. My kiddo is exhausted tonight. She usually goes to bed around 7:30pm, but I think we're going to shoot for about 6:45pm. She's been yawning a lot and is having trouble staying awake. It's been a rough couple of days for her, too.

That's it...more nonsense later.

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