Thursday, February 04, 2010

Flying Somewhere

My husband was driving us home tonight and my eyes wandered into the night sky. Overhead was an airplane, lights blinking, flying somewhere. Somewhere. Where was it headed? Were the people on board happy? Were they excited to be going somewhere new? I closed my eyes, wishing just for a moment that I could be on that airplane. Where would I be going right now? I looked up again, just in time to see that it was gradually descending from the sky...not taking off or cruising to a faraway destination. It was moving downward, making its way toward landing.

If I was on that plane, I wouldn't be going anywhere.

Correction. I would be going to the one place that matters most.


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Marni said...

I agree with coming home.

The kids and I play a game where we ask "where do YOU think that plane is going?" and "Who is on that plane and why are they going to their destination?"

The stories can be rather funny, sobering, and down right imaginative.