Sunday, January 10, 2010


Wha-a-a-at in the world is going on? How is it Sunday night already? What happened to my weekend? I thought, apparently absurdly so, that 2010 would somehow be slower-paced than the complete frantic, break-neck speed of 2009. Ummmm...not quite.

It seems like I just went to bed on Friday night, and here I am, already putting things together on Sunday night for the beginning of the work week. I know I had a Saturday and Sunday, but they just zipped by so fast! Yesterday, the kiddo had swimming lessons in the morning, we went for haircuts in the afternoon and we had a home visit last night from the doggie adoption agency. Today was church in the morning, then the hubby and I split the afternoon stuff--bless his heart, he went to a birthday party for our niece and I took our kiddo to see Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up.

I have a sneaky feeling that all of the grown-ups in the audience enjoyed the show more than the kids. I felt particularly inspired by Abby Cadabby's song about believing in oneself and chasing down dreams. I also had to giggle a bit at Cookie Monster, who wanted to be a fireman, just because, well, we all know I'm a sucker for a big guy in a uniform...

(I didn't take this video, it's just a random YouTube clip, but if you really want to watch/listen, just scroll down to pause the blog music.)


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We missed you at the party. And I know what you mean about time breezing right by--school makes it worse. Trust me.