Monday, January 04, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Yay for menu planning! It's a little late getting out this time around (okay, a lot late, since Monday dinner is already done), but better late than never!

Monday~ (today) We had baked chicken with couscous and fruit stuffed acorn squash. Ooohhh...even if you don't like squash, you have to try it. It's beyond yummy! See?

Tuesday~ Smothered pork chops, baked apples and iceberg wedges with bacon and ranch dressing

Wednesday~ Spaghetti with mushrooms and green peppers

Thursday~ Ham and potato casserole with broccoli

Friday~ Crock pot chicken and biscuits with mixed veggies

I'm digging this whole menu planning thing. I miss doing it--I don't really remember why I stopped, but I'm glad I'm starting again. I'm already working on next week's menu, too!


Margaret said...

Life is easier with a menu plan. My kids like to see what's ahead for the week, and then they don't bug me as much about what I'm making for dinner.

Jim Latchford said...

And here I thought Subway has a great menu...