Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: Pick From the Pantry, Feel Up the Freezer and Raid the Refrigerator Edition

Yeah, yeah, I’m late getting this posted. Again.

Anyway, my goal this week is not to buy any groceries (other than milk). Money continues to be tight and there’s no wiggle room right now, so it’s time to use what we have in the house!

Monday~ Yes, I know it was yesterday. This was a kid’s pick since classes started and I had to teach. Hubby was making dinner last night…it was mac and cheese with black olives. I kinda feel like there’s a serious “ick factor” here, but they liked it.

Tuesday~ Today, I think I’m making sausage and tossing it with some angel hair pasta, sundried tomatoes, olive oil and parmesan. I want to make a vegetable…I think I have some asparagus, and that would go well with this meal.

Wednesday~ Pierogies, peppers and baked apples. Yummy!

Thursday~ Probably quesadillas. I’m teaching and it’s easy for the hubs to make. If I have time to go home before class, I might do a little breakfast-for-dinner instead of quesadillas and make a veggie and egg quiche with biscuits and smoothies.

Friday~ Roasted chicken, stuffing and acorn squash—I’m the only one who’ll eat the acorn squash, so I might make some peas, too.

And then I get to grocery shopping this weekend. Woo hoo!

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