Friday, January 22, 2010

A + A = Annoying Anonymous

First, some "anonymous" person posted a COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE comment on one of my posts about menu planning. I deleted it.

Today, I look at my blog and some "anonymous" person posted a comment in a language I can't even read. If I don't know what it says, I'm not comfortable with it on my blog. I deleted that one, too.

There's no way possible that my blog is popular enough to warrant anonymous or inappropriate comments. I mean, really? What is the purpose in that? If I have something inappropriate to say, I let everyone know it.



Cheryl said...

So far I haven't been 'hit' but I hear people complain about it. Hopefully it's just random. Happy day!

Jim Latchford said...

Martha... As with all anonymous comments, do the same thing that everybody does when they come across my blog...just ignor it. Ha!

Biddie said...

I do my best to the ignore the anonymous comments too. I can't take anything seriously if a person won't even use their name.