Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post Holiday Blues

I don't know why, but every year on the day after Christmas, I end up feeling kinda moody. Maybe it's because my sleep and good eating habits are thrown off by the all the holiday gatherings, etc. Or, more likely, it's because I now have to re-organize all the current stuff in the house to make room for the new stuff we got...not to mention the tasks of taking down Christmas decorations. Ugh.

The weather is truly dismal today, too, which isn't helping anything. Plus, I thought I needed to psychologically scar myself and go to Target. Today. As in, the day after Christmas. It wasn't as horrific as I feared it would be, but people are just SO pushy when it comes to the post-Christmas sales. I wanted to buy some wrapping paper, since I used almost all of my wrapping paper stash this year. The good thing is that I should have enough paper for the next 2-3 Christmases. Got some other non-Christmas necessities, too, like a new shower curtain and some household cleaning items.

I'm also feeling anxious today because I got a notice in the mail this afternoon from the hospital that my insurance hasn't paid for the surgery I had in November. I don't know why, and I can't do anything about it until Monday. It's not like I have eight grand to pay off the hospital, so I need to figure it out sooner rather than later. I'm still annoyed with my student loan company, too. There has been zero follow-up from them regarding the mess they created with my November payment.

I think my Christmas spirit is gone and is has been replaced by Cranky Marfa. Maybe some fudge will help...

Oh, before anyone thinks I'm just a grinchy crabby pants, I do have to give a shout-out to my sister, who got me The Pioneer Woman's cookbook for Christmas, along with an adorable apron from Etsy and a set of oven-safe ramekins. Yay for me!!


Cheryl said...

Hey Cranky Marfa. You're allowed to be cranky. I was dragged to the mall yesterday and I was cranky too. BTW, I got PW's cookbook too. Even if I never cook from it, I wanted it.

Happy 2 days after. Feeling better yet?

Catherine said...

This day you had the day after Christmas? For me that day is today. The Monday-back-to-work. I kid you not, the wind blew a $20 bill right from my hand this morning. How's that for wrong side of the bed?!

I miss you. Thanks for the shout-out at least! xo

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