Saturday, December 12, 2009

If Tumors Were Pearls...

...I'd be rich!

Okay, not really, but if it really worked like that it'd be kinda neat. I'm very glad that the biopsy results came back all clear this time. Whew! Except the incision isn't healing well. Grrrr. I guess that's the risk of an old-fashioned "slice and dice" surgery as opposed to a scope. For whatever reason, my body rejected some of the stitches and I ended up with an infection. I've felt pretty yucky for the past few days, but I'm on the upswing now.

Even better, I just have to get through work next week and then I have two weeks off! I'm super excited about that. All the benefit time I've taken lately has been mostly for medical stuff, but this time is just for fun and relaxation. In spite of the fact that it's freezing out, I've got some fun activities planned for me and the kiddo while I'm home. I plan on taking her to the Museum of Science and Industry--she loves The Great Train Story and I really want her to see Christmas Around the World.

I'm also hoping to get her to one, if not both, of the zoos to see the holiday lights. The best part, I think, is that we're arranging a tour of a local fire station. My kiddo adores fire trucks (and firemen--just like her mommy!) and we have an open invitation to one of the stations to bring her in for a tour. In between all of that, we'll have the family holiday obligations and just some low-key together time. It'll be nice and good for my mental health.

Well, Saturday awaits. I have a lot of errands to run today, including getting a pair of boots for myself. You can tell I'm getting older...I'm not interested in some pair of cute, fancy boots. I need something fuzzy and waterproof to keep my feet warm!

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