Sunday, November 01, 2009

This and That (Again)

I just can't seem to get my groove back! And I'm not talking about dancing!

I've had a little more energy these days, which is nice, but still that low-level of fatigue constantly hanging over me. I know a lot of it is emotional baggage. Things at home are tense, but not anybody's fault. We got a notice in the mail that our COBRA payment is more than doubling because the hubby's former employer changed policies, which means our cost goes up. We're paying more for a crappy policy. Nice, huh? But we found that out after we got a notice in the mail that he was terminated from COBRA for failure to pay! Thankfully, we had all the certified receipts saved and proof that all the checks had cleared. It turns out, when the former employer changed policies on October 1st, they failed to notify COBRA until October 12th, which was after we had already made the October payment in the previous amount. Boneheads. I don't know if I'm more ticked off at the former employers for not following protocol or at COBRA for being so quick to terminate. It's fine now, though I have to figure out where the extra money is going to come from--our income has gone down by a lot, and our costs have only gone up. I get the fact that it's a dog-eat-dog world out there, but none of them seem to understand that they're f-ing (sorry, language, language, I know) with real people's lives. I'm continuing to pray that my daughter doesn't get sick in the next month, because we're hoping to find private insurance for her, but right now she doesn't qualify because of her history of health problems. If we can get her through the next month (or better yet, through the end of the year) with no major illnesses, we should be able to pick up a policy for less than the COBRA costs. I am so thankful every single day that my employer continues to provide health insurance. Such a relief, especially with my current medical issues.

Speaking of medical issues, I've been waiting patiently and nervously for the availability of the H1N1 vaccine. My kiddo and I aren't candidates for the current nasal-spray version of the vaccine because of my history of asthma and her history of major breathing issues, so we have to wait until the shot becomes available--and right now, they're not available at all in our area. We've been extra diligent about hand washing and wiping down commonly touched surfaces in the house. Today, I bought some extra handy-wipes and alcohol swabs for wiping down things in public. I was in Target this morning and was shocked at the number of people out and about who were obviously ill, but not practicing good hygiene. Disgusting. Even my 4-year-old knows to cough and sneeze into her elbow and to use tissue for her nose. And of course, we encourage regular and frequent hand-washing. We don't use anti-bacterial soap in our house because of sensitive skin issues, but we use regular old foaming hand soap and wash for 20-30 seconds. I think that does the trick equally as well.

Halloween was good this year. This was my kiddo's first time actually being healthy and well enough to trick-or-treat at more than three houses! It was cold outside, but we bundled her up and had so much fun. We went out for about an hour, then came home and warmed up. She went back out with her dad for another 45 minutes and I stayed in and made dinner. The kiddo was a pirate (and a cute one!); daddy was a ghost; I was supposed to be a pirate, too, but that fell through. I ended up being an '80s chic, retro...something. Given the comment I got from a neighborhood dad, I think I looked a little trampy, though that wasn't my intention. I had big hair, big make-up, big boots, big jewelry, big everything. Total '80s iconic get-up. It was still fun. It took 10 minutes of rubbing and scrubbing to eliminate the purple eyeliner and red lipstick when all was said and done.

The Halloween cake I had planned was a total bust. I won't share the details. It just didn't work out and I was very sad to dump it in the garbage.

Listen to me being all rambling and long-winded here. I guess that's what happens when I go long stretches in between posts. I'll work on getting better about that. I've had a lot on my mind lately--lots of stuff that I could share, but words aren't coming easily these days. I'll keep working at it. More nonsense later...

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