Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Today was exhausting. Had some trouble sleeping last night in anticipation of today's surgery, and then just the whole process of being prepped and the surgery itself completely wiped me out. After general anesthesia, I just want to sleep and sleep...it's so hard for me to stay awake! I did, though, because I knew the longer I was awake, the sooner I could go home.

And here I am...home. Actually, I've been home for a few hours now, resting on the couch. Of course, by "resting", I mean sleeping on and off in between playing on the computer. I'm uncomfortable, which is to be expected, but doing okay. Some anxiety is settling in, which I'm managing fairly well. It's just the anxiety of not knowing when the biopsy results will be in, and then when they are, what they'll turn out to be. There's no point in thinking about it right now, but it's still a little hard to put it out of my mind.

On a lighter note, I had a fun conversation with my kiddo earlier about why the doctor didn't use pink thread to sew me up the way I do when I sew up Baby Pink. (Baby Pink is her favorite stuffed bear that's as old as she is, getting kind of tattered, and no longer really pink, but a washed-out shade of gray despite numerous washings and scrubbings and oxi-clean.)

The hubs is doing a good job taking care of me...got dinner for us and is keeping my cold water supply regularly replenished. I don't know why, but I had some bleeding in my throat this time from the anesthesia. I know it's a risk, I just never had it before. Good thing I've got pain meds--that'll help a lot, even though that's not even what the meds are for.

I'm looking forward to a decent night's sleep and feeling more like myself tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty sure that I'll be up and about for turkey on Thursday and The Nutcracker on Sunday. Yay!

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Cheryl said...

Hi Martha...I'm waiting on your news and hope it's good. It's got to be good. Have a good day today. Rest up. The Nutcracker on Sunday sounds like a perfect way to kick off the season.