Sunday, November 08, 2009

Looking Forward to Monday

I can hardly wait to get back to work I can get some rest!

This weekend was ridiculously busy. Got home late Friday from work, did some laundry and made dinner. Saturday the hubs was gone all day...made a big breakfast, went shopping in the morning, took care of the kiddo, made meals, picked up around the house, packed away the Halloween decorations, started making a quilt and made cookies. Had fantastic one on one time with my kiddo, and I'm not complaining about that at all. Today, I finished making the quilt I started yesterday, picked up more around the house, made cookies (again--for the hubs's poker friends), cleaned a little more, broke the kitchen faucet, banged my head on a cabinet, making dinner right now...

And all of this was completed while on crisis call for work.

Yikes! I'm not complaining, really, just feeling a little worn out. Gotta get dinner out of the oven now.

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