Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Past 6 Months as a Mastercard Commercial

April 2009~ Not feeling great. Another UTI and kidney infection. Visit family doctor. Co-pay: $40

April 2009~ Labs and blood work. Results suspicious. See family doctor again. She recommends a specialist. Co-pay: $40

May 2009~ Annual girlie checkup. Cervical cancer scare. Ovarian cyst hurting. Co-pay: $40

May 2009~ Appointment with urologist. Co-pay: $60

June 2009~ Follow-up with urologist and routine scope. Tumor discovered. Co-pay: $60

June 2009~ Husband's job lost. Income substantially reduced.

July 2009~ Surgery. REALLY EXPENSIVE, but covered by insurance. (Thank goodness I have I my own insurance!)

July 2009~ Follow up with urologist. Diagnosed with cancer. Co-pay: $60

July 2009~ Kidney stone and gallbladder attack. Trip to ER. Ultrasound, CT scan, blood work and a bunch of labs. Almost as expensive as the surgery. Co-pay: $250

August 2009~ Labs. Expensive. So glad I have insurance.

August 2009~ Follow-up visit with dermatologist for eczema. Referral not ready in time. Office visit: $119

September 2009~ Sick. So sick. Visit with family doctor. Co-pay: $40

October 2009~ More lab work. Super expensive. Have I mentioned how glad I am that I have insurance?!

October 2009~ Sick again, but not as bad as in September. Follow-up with family doctor. Labs not looking good, but for the most part, I'm okay. Still sick, so I can't get a flu shot. Co-pay: $40

October 2009 (pending)~ Follow-up with urologist for another scope to make sure no more cancer has popped up. Co-pay: $60

Tonight~ Spouse out with friends and child peacefully asleep. Ignoring mountain of laundry that needs folding and 5 bags from Target with household supplies needing to be put away. Ice-cream in the freezer waiting for me to eat it and a rented movie waiting for me to watch it...PRICELESS!

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Cheryl said...

Enjoy your ice cream and movie. You deserve it.