Friday, September 04, 2009

A Little Dance

My glum mood has been gradually lifting over the past few days and I'm starting to feel more like myself again, doing occasional little dances around the living room. And tonight, I have good reason: The hubby and I got a baby-sitter and we planned on going out on a date tonight (to the discount movie theater since we're still being super-cautious with our money), but instead, we decided to do a little shopping. We've been hoarding some Kohl's gift cards and coupons, and tonight, we're unleashing it all! Mwah-hahahahaha!

We're unleashing it on some new pots for the kitchen. That part may not really be fun, BUT...we get to go out! By ourselves! And we get to stay out past our daughter's bedtime!

Oh my gosh, we might even rent a movie tonight and STAY UP LATE. Please understand that by "late", what I mean is that we'll try not to fall over before 11:30pm. I'm already running on my second wind, so we'll see how well I hold out.

Well, I'm off! Hope everyone has a great start to the Labor Day weekend!

**Update...It's 11:02pm and I'm about ready to crash. Must. Have. Sleep. But before I do, I just had to share that we went to Kohl's. You ready for the total spent? $88.18. Amount saved: $273.85. Money is tight, but boy do we know how to stretch it! And the best thing was the bright pink shirt my hubby bought for me that has a big, glittery orange on it with a very sad face...the orange is staring at a glass of orange juice and whimpering, "Mom?" Heh heh.

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I'm thinking of you even though I've been away for so long. You had surgery while I was in the hospital and I was so sorry to read about all that you've been going through!

I hope you have a great Labor day weekend and I know exactly what you mean about dates, babysitter, money well spent for time alone with each other and anything else that involves peaceful evenings!!! :)