Thursday, August 06, 2009

Saving Pennies (and Dollars)!

In light of my spouse's current unemployment, we're continuing to be cautious with our cash. However, there are still occasional things that are needed and wanted--we just have to weigh our priorities. For example, we went out for dinner last night. And not a fast food dinner. We went to Bd's Mongolian Grill. Now, it's not a 5-star restaurant, but we knew full well it was going to cost us more than $20. We spent double that, but I'm not sorry. There was a survey/audit at my company and we got a rocking 98% compliance rate. Rocked my world and was definitely a reason to celebrate since much of my job has to do with making sure we're in compliance with state standards. With that kind of a percentage, I'm feeling like my job is pretty secure. At least I hope so!

My other splurge was a shopping trip to Kohl's. I hardly ever pay full price for anything. I'm a clearance shopper and proud of it. That being said, I was digging through my closet looking for a dress to wear to a wedding that we're going to next weekend and realized that while I have nice clothes, all of them have been worn to a variety of family functions and friendly gatherings over the years. It was time for something new. I scoured the clearance racks, taking my time and got some great deals--not just on a dress, but also on some summer tops.

I got two dresses, one an ankle-length, black knit dress and the other a crisp, black and white patterned summer dress--each regularly priced at $42.00, but on sale for $17.99; five tank tops normally priced at $14.00, but being sold for $2.80 each, and a nice white top normally priced at $20.00 being sold for $4.00.

My total spent, including tax: $58.43

For me, that's a lot of money to spend on clothes. That total is nothing compared to what I saved...

Total saved: A whopping $120.02!

Those numbers make me realize how ridiculously over-priced stuff is. Seriously!


Cheryl said...

I love saving money! It runs in my family. We're all pretty frugal and proud to be big savers. My sister's son said on her grave will be engraved, "I used a coupon"!

Biddie said...

I am a tight wad in amny ways. I almost always buy my clothes at a clearance sale, and sometimes, I even trim my own bangs. (Yeah, I know, that takes it from frugal to cheap, but what are ya gonna do?)
There are times when a splurge is in order though, and a nice dinner out probably what Hubby and I would splurge on, too.
Way to go on the discount shopping, btw. Have fun at the wedding.

mamatutwo said...

Kohl's does have some great deals sometimes. My favorite purchase from there was a pair of cute sunglasses (I can never keep up with sunglasses) that cost me $7 and some change. I've had them a year now!