Sunday, August 16, 2009

Road Trip

Holy smokes, it's been a long while in between blog posts. Things have been busy, as usual, craziness at work, getting ready for the new semester, and this weekend, a long trip for an out-of-town wedding. Not quite the road trip I was hoping for, but I spent 6 hours on Friday driving to Green Bay, WI for a wedding and 7 hours driving home today, so I definitely put the "road" in road trip.

I am so tired.

The wedding was lovely--but huge, around 400 guests--and the bride and groom were so completely and ridiculously in love, that it was hard not to smile ear to ear for them. Such wonderful people. My hubby was the best man and the kiddo had a great time at the reception, dancing all night long, including cutting in the bride and groom to dance with them, and staying up way past her bedtime. A good time was had by all.

The hotel we stayed at was quite nice, not even a year old, but hotels freak me out. Too many people in one space, and I cringe when I think about how many people have walked on the carpet in the room and slept in the beds. I also have an irrational fear of bedbugs. Isn't that funny? But seriously. I won't leave any clothes laying around and as soon as I get home, everything has to get washed and sanitized. I think some of it is my OCD, but some of it is because of a show I watched on Discovery about bedbugs. Why did I watch a show about bedbugs? I don't know. It was on and it was interesting, but now I'm more freaked out than ever.

Anyhoooo...the one thing about hotels that fascinates me is how soft the water is. We have hard water in my house, so I'm used to that. Hotels are different, and this hotel was WAY different. I used a few drops of shampoo and I had more suds than I knew what to do with. I rinsed off soap for more than 10 minutes and still felt a little soapy. Strange. But on the up side of all of this, all of that soft water did something great for my rosacea--my face wasn't red at all the whole weekend, which meant I didn't have to wear a lot of makeup. Woo-hoo! Makes me want to get a water softener for my house. Maybe. Yeah, maybe when the hubby is working again. Or if we win the lottery. Oh wait, we'd have to actually buy a ticket to have a chance at winning. Hmmmm...maybe there's some royal family monarch I don't know about who can wire me some extra cash. That would be good, too!

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Jim Latchford said...

You're a hoot, Martha... I buy one lottery ticket every week. I put it in the visor above my windshield until I have a half dozen of them. Then I go on the WEB and see if I won anything. Won $4.50 once. Just a thought, but I don't think I'm breaking even...

As for hard water.. You haven't had hard water until you've lived in Florida. Our water is so hard ("How hard is it?") that you can stand it in the corner after taking a shower. Soap just bounces off it! That's how hard it is...