Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This and That

I think this is the first time in a month that I've had to work a full week. I took a few vacation days here and there for long weekends, then I had surgery, then the 4th of July holiday long weekend. I'm tired already, but tomorrow's only Thursday. I still have to make it through Friday!

I shouldn't complain. My poor spouse is getting a little batty being at home. The concept of unemployment seems kind of fun at first--get some time off, still get paid a little from the unemployment office, etc. But it's been two weeks now and he's had enough of the Mr. Mom routine. And so have I.

Don't get me wrong. It's really nice that he's been helping out more around the house, weeding the garden, etc. It's just hard for me because I'm picky about stuff getting done a certain way. And I kind of miss cooking dinner. It's a strange trade-off because it's really nice to be able to come home from work and relax for a little bit, not have to cook and get to play with my kiddo--all the stuff he did before when I would get home after work and frantically get the little one settled down and get dinner together before he got home. But there's a small part of me that misses the chaos, I guess just because that's what I'm used to.

I keep reminding myself to enjoy the time because (hopefully) it won't last long. There's gotta be jobs out there that he's qualified for, and once he gets hired, it's back to the same old madness. I've been unusually tired lately--even more than my chronic tiredness from lack of sleep. I'm feeling more emotionally drained these days. I guess that's normal. Whatever normal is.

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Cheryl said...

Normal isn't a constant. Routine will be back and this time will be a memory. I hope your hubby finds a good job soon and you're back to being you.