Thursday, July 09, 2009

The "C" Word

It starts with “C”, is six letters long and has a nasty habit of instilling fear in the hearts of people who hear it.


I have officially been diagnosed with cancer.

I got the biopsy results today, and it turns out that once again, I have done a stellar job of defying all odds. Bladder cancer happens more often in men. I am a woman. Bladder cancer happens most often after the age of 55. I am 31. This particular type of cancer is nearly always caused by lifelong smoking habits and/or daily exposure to industrial chemicals and dyes. I am a non-smoker and a therapist/teacher.

Gotta love a woman who can beat the odds, huh?


The word sounds strange and it feels even stranger to have it come rolling off my tongue in description of myself.


Peculiarly enough, I am not afraid. Cancer is no longer a death sentence. And I mean let’s face it—Heaven doesn’t want me and hell is probably afraid I’d take over. (HA!!) Seriously though, the way I see it, this is simply a situation that will be dealt with and handled, and I’m going to be fine. The cancer itself is typically non-aggressive and at this point, doesn’t require any chemotherapy or radiation. The best course of treatment is surgery to remove any remaining cancerous tissue (though at this point, the doctor has every reason to believe he removed all of it during the surgery) and to have routine procedures at a minimum of every 90 days to monitor the situation.

Of course there are more exhausting details, but for now, I’m putting my confidence in the doctor/surgeon (thank you, Mr. Hottie Doc) and my faith in God.

I said before my surgery that God would be the same on July 1st (the day of the surgery) as He was on June 30th. And I believed with all my being that He would be the same the day I got the results (today) as He has always been. That hasn’t changed.

This isn’t quite the path I was planning on for myself, but it seems the Big Man has other ideas, so as I venture down this new and unfamiliar road, I find myself wondering what other big excitement lies ahead.


Cheryl said...

If I ever found out I had cancer, my wish would be to have your attitude. It would also be to have a treatable cancer; one I could live with. I have 2 friends/clients with stage 4 cancers. I'm SO relieved to hear that yours is not. It's shocking enough to hear that you have any kind of cancer. I hope your path turns out to be routine and boring, as far as cancer excitement goes. That it's a nuisance you just deal with. Damn!

Marni said...