Thursday, June 18, 2009

Requesting a Do-Over

I would appreciate it very much if I could somehow get a do-over for the month of June.

This month, I found out that I have a tumor that needs to be removed.

I cracked my head open on my desk at work (long story, boiling down to the fact that I'm clumsy).

My husband found out that his agency is closing on June 30th and he's out of a job. He's out of work on the 30th, my surgery is the 1st. Good thing I have my own insurance!

I won't go on and bore you with the details. All of the above is enough by itself.

On a lighter (and much funnier) note, one of my friends asked me if I'm worried about the tumor being cancerous. I laughed and said I have way more important things to worry about...things like:

  • **Whether I'll pee on the surgeon's hand when he takes out the catheter after surgery (at least I'll be knocked out and I won't know!).
  • **If I'm going to say or do anything really embarrassing as a result of the anesthesia...typically, I ask some weird questions, cry for a few minutes, proposition whichever medical personnel happens to be standing next to me in the recovery room when I wake up, and then vomit uncontrollably for 12 hours.
  • **Whether any part of the above mentioned really embarrassing anesthesia-related issues will be laughed at later by the doctors/nurses...and whether any of them will tell my spouse!
  • **Whether any part of my naked body will end up on YouTube.

See, those are the big things to be concerned about. Because really, does it matter if I have cancer if a picture of my butt is on the internet?? Of course, this is all tongue-in-cheek--I'm just keeping my mood light, because there's no point in worrying too much about anything. God will be the same on July 1st as He is right now.

But, um, God? If possible, perhaps some better days can come my way? It would be much appreciated!


Jim Latchford said...

I really liked the line in your most recent post: "God will be the same on July 1st as He was on June 30th." "Amen," which means, "As it should be and as it is." That's our God, never inconsistent and always faithful to meet our needs and hear our hearts. I believe that if you are praying for rain, you best carry an umbrella. I am praying for your complete healing and I've already composed my note of congratulations to you for a successful surgery. However, my intercessory prayers do not cover anything that you might say, do or show while under the influence of the anthesia. You're on your own in that department...

Katie said...

Here's hoping a better July to you Martha - I REALLY mean that.

Cheryl said...

July 1 won't come soon enough...for you. I'm hoping and praying for the best results! Keep the humor up! We all need it.