Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Making the Most of this Moment

I’m feeling a little whimsical…wistful…spiritual…thoughtful tonight…cracking open my armor and letting my other side peek out a little bit. Must be a hazard of the warm weather and enjoying the sound of silence while I’m sitting outside.

There are a few moments in the evenings just as the sun is sinking, when the leftover traces of light bounce across the sky and collide with the horizon, momentarily blurring the line between Heaven and earth. Sometimes I think that if I squint and focus my stare hard enough into that line, I’ll see that it’s where all of my lost dreams and failed hopes reside—waiting for me to catch up with them.

It was warm today, warmer than what I prefer, but now with the breeze gradually picking up and sweeping over me, the temperature slowly falling and the evening hum of crickets and chirping of birds, I’m comfortable and relaxed, thinking about why God makes the seasons change. Each season is a time of something new, something full of hope and promise for the future. Much of the time I wish I had 27 hours in a day, just so that I would feel like I’m better able to accomplish the tasks hanging over me, but the truth is, I think God broke the days into 24 hour increments because He knew that when He made us, we weren’t designed to withstand infinite troubles, or even infinite joy. At least not in our human forms. After the past days, weeks and months of troubles, it occurs to me that God understands the human condition, the built-in frailties He gave each of us…and He understands that we need to rest in between each thing we face, because we can only bear the weight of one day at a time.

Leaning back, rocking, gazing at the sky and waiting for the first star of the evening to appear through the high, wispy clouds…I’m wondering if I take a chance and make a wish, whether it will come true. Then I think that the moment is so perfect, I don’t even know what I could wish for. I’m sure as daylight streams through my window in the morning, I’ll be able to think of plenty of things to wish for, but right now, this moment is all that I need or want it to be.

Having contemplated that, it occurs to me that there is something I could wish for right now…to enjoy each moment as much as I’m enjoying this one, to have the moment be enough, to be able to keep that same peace and clarity and believe, even if it’s only for a short time, that somehow, everything will be okay. I will be okay.


Cheryl said...

It is the moments that count. To be in them. To get what joy we can from the little things. To know how lucky we are to have our health and family and the important things. That's where happiness comes from.

Jim Latchford said...

Sencerely felt...beautifully written. Your words touched my heart as I glimpsed into your soul.