Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

Heard on the radio this morning (sorry, don't know the station) but the guy's name was Roy...

"Something's gotta give with this economy. Enough of all the stimulus packages and bailouts. Did you know that there are 40 million people age 50 and older working? How about this: Instead of anymore bailouts, the government should tell those 40 million people that they have to retire. In return, they each get one million dollars each, free and clear. Think about it. That means 40 million job openings. I think they'd probably all buy new cars, so that would stimulate the auto industry. They'd probably all pay off their mortgages or buy houses, so that would help the housing industry and ease the cash flow for the banks. And if the government can't afford the $40 million, if they need more money, well...we could just ask all the members of congress to pay their taxes."

Alrighty then.

I mean, I plan on working well past fifty, but if someone offered me a million bucks, I'd be hard pressed not to take it, especially if the government would also throw in free medical coverage. I'll think about that while I'm working my two jobs this week.


Jim Latchford said...

Having just turned 61, have been out of work since this past August with no immedaite prospects for re-employment, and thus facing imminent bankruptcy...tell me where I can sign up for that million dollars. I'd sure as heck retire "officially" if such a windfall woud come my way.

P.S. The person who is originated this idea is the same gentleman, Christopher Gardner, who had the movie - The Pursuit of Happyness -made of his adult life in which Will Smith played the lead character.


I think that's a savvy Idea!!