Friday, March 27, 2009


I can't believe I've let a whole week go by without blogging! I don't know where the time has gone the past few days. I mean, things are always busy and the past week was no exception, but I didn't feel like it was any busier than usual. Ah well.

I had a fantastic day today. I was able to finish work early and had a half day all to myself because the hubby and kiddo were gone for the day. I took care of a few things around the house--took out the garbage, took care of the dishes and did some laundry, but I purposely made myself take it easy. I didn't want to spend a free afternoon doing nothing but chores, so I went out for a little while--hit the fabric store to buy some fleece for a blanket that I'm making for a friend, treated myself to some ice-cream (which was super duper yummy by the way), then I relaxed at home. It was a nice day all around.

I've noticed that my mood has been a bit lighter recently--maybe it's because of the warmer weather and sunshine or that I've been forcing myself to take some "me" time, but whatever it is, I'm just glad that I'm feeling happier. My sleep is still terrible. The past few nights, I've been averaging about 3 hours (if I'm lucky), so I finally decided it's time to talk to the doctor. I'd been putting it off and putting it off, hoping the problem would resolve itself, but it's not. Once every few weeks I'll get some decent sleep, but it's not restorative. I think it's more that my body physically can't go anymore and I finally sleep because of that. I'm curious to hear what the doctor has to say about what I can do.

So that's about it. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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Cheryl said...

I'm glad your mood is lighter and you're doing things to make YOU feel better. I've had docs who's advice was counseling for the sleep, and those that have been willing to work with me with meds. Good luck in finding some help. Lack of sleep is so depressing.