Monday, February 02, 2009

Funny Thing...

I went to the ER this morning. I've been dealing with what I thought was just a vicious cold, but this morning, I started coughing up blood and rather than wait for the doctor's office to open and try to get an appointment (or have him paged, and just have him tell me to go to the ER anyway), I dragged myself to the hospital at 6am.

The blood is from a torn blood vessel--apparently, it tore from all the coughing I've been doing. And I don't have pneumonia, thank goodness, but there is a wicked infection and my lungs were so full of gunk that when the results of my chest x-rays came back, the ER doctor just looked at them and said, "Whoa!" That better be medical jargon for something darn good, because my co-pay is $250 and I'd like to think my money is better than just a diagnosis of, "Whoa!"

I'm off work until Wednesday. Lots of antibiotics, lots of fluids, lots of cough medicine, lots of rest. And then I have to try to cram five days worth of work into three. Lovely.

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Jim Latchford said...

For 4 weeks now I too have been suffering with the mother of all colds. If my head was filled with as much intelligence as it is with the stuff one deposits on a Kleenex I'd be up for a Nobel Prize! And my chest feels like someone is constantly beating me with a rubber mallet. Could sure used some of that soup you made. Hang in there kid...warmer and better days are ahead. And speaking of "warm," I love your new blog format. Very inviting.