Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mid-Week Madness

After a nice long weekend, my schedule got back to its usual craziness, and I didn't realize how many days passed since I last posted. Yesterday was the worst day of the week so far, but today wasn't much better. It's one of those things where things could be worse, but it's bad enough that I just want the week to be done! Here's the scoop...

Tuesday=mountain of work to catch up on after the long weekend. Couldn't sleep that night, just restless and grumpy. Less than three hours of sleep. Grumpy most of Wednesday morning and afternoon. Taught late. Had to stop for gas. Dozed off at the steering wheel while the tank was filling (please don't tell me how stupid and dangerous that was, I already know). Got home. Water in smoke detectors. Yes, you read that right. WATER in the system that's supposed to alert me to fire. Looks like it was a problem with some frost in the attic that melted and ran down the conduit, into the smoke alarm. Now I'm worried about the overhead light fixtures. Slept better last night, which is good, but still not long enough. Dead mouse in basement...eeeeewwwww! Work was completely crazy today, I taught a class tonight, and now I'm eating leftover pizza and typing this.

Holy smokes, I'm glad tomorrow is Friday!

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Margaret said...

We have an ice dam at the back of the house and you know what a disaster those things can be. We'll be ripping out drywall this spring in the back room because the melting ice had nowhere to go except into the house.