Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good Saturday Morning!

It's about 8:25am here--I've been awake for over two hours, but I laid in bed until 7:30. That was NOT easy for me. Once I'm awake, I have an overwhelming need to get up, get moving and be productive. Today...not so much.

I do have a lot to get done. I have to go grocery shopping, go to Target, return some books to the library, hang up some new picture frames, mop the floors, catch up on laundry, dust the dining room and vacuum everywhere. I think my Saturday is going to fly by.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!



I hope you have a nice weekend!! And it's not too hectic!! :)


Cheryl said...

Did you get it all done? Is your daughter OK? Was the party a success?

Sleep, girl, sleep.