Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Bit of This, A Bit of That

The sleep situation is not improving. Not at all. It's getting worse, and I'm turning into a rather unpleasant, grouchy, nasty version of my usual self. I have no patience for anything right now, not even the things I enjoy. My insomnia hasn't been this bad since...early college, maybe? I remember it went on for weeks, and then one night, my body just couldn't take it anymore and I crashed one night for 14 hours. After that, things settled down and I got back into a regular sleep pattern. I keep hoping to avoid another situation like that, but I think it's looming...ah well.

Other than that, things are just kind of same old, same old. My kiddo still isn't 100%. It's been a rough few months for her. She's still on a few meds and we just made some dietary changes to handle her low iron and low hemoglobin. I don't know how she's low--she's such a good eater, but it might be related to her meds, we're not sure. We go back to the doctor next month and we'll see what the blood work shows.

Work has been super busy lately and on top of that, classes are starting next week and I'll be teaching two classes. It'll be back to the business that has seemed to define my life for the past few years. I don't mind the hard work--I do mind missing my daughter on those seemingly impossibly long days. At first, it was just about expanding my career experiences and making a few extra bucks, but with the economy these days, that "extra" money has become a critical part of the budget. I don't know how other people are making ends meet. It's pretty bleak these days.

So...that's about it. I'm just sort of rambling tonight. I skipped my workout. That's not a great thing, but I can't quite seem to get my body to work. I'm pretty sure it's the chronic lack of sleep. I keep getting dizzy and it's like I'm trying to walk through mud. I'm not sick, just exhausted. On that lovely note, I think I'm going to take an obnoxiously hot shower and (try to) crash for the night.

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Charlene said...

ok this is what I do for sleep 2 valarian capsules 1 time release 1mg melatonin and if that does not work then add non addicting sleep aid form walmart. works for me and none of it is addictive...hope you get some zzzz