Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween and a Day

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween. I sure did! But I always feel like the day after Halloween is such a letdown. I have to wait another whole year to decorate my house with a bunch of creepy, scary things (I mean creepy, scary things other than my husband...), another whole year before I can delight in making a costume for my kiddo or indulge in a night's worth of chaotic trick-or-treating.


I'm kind of sad, but it's okay. Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up quick!

Anyway, I've got a few pictures of my kiddo that I'll share.
This is the first one I took after more or less finishing her costume. She was thrilled with that billowy, black dress. And yes, the sewing machine in the background is my Grandma's 40-year-old Singer. The one that I thought went to that big Sewing Machine Junkyard in the Sky earlier this year. I got it running, but not well. It was enough so that I didn't have to sew the costume by hand. And you can ignore the Pooh characters on the wall. The old nursery is now a spare room and I never took down the decorations. Ooops.

This is the kiddo letting me know that she wasn't too happy about me delaying her trick-or-treating for five minutes so that I could take pictures. The light is a little washed out--don't know why--but it gives it a dreary look, which is oh-so-appropriate for Halloween. Oh yeah, I should mention that I painted two spiders on my daughter's face, but she wanted to do the rest of her own makeup. So I let her!

This one is the kiddo hamming it up after I told her that if she would let me take just one more picture, we could go to as many houses as she wanted. Don't you love that crooked, sideways glance she's giving the camera?

All in all, it was a good day. She had a little party at her pre-school in the morning, we had a fun time trick-or-treating in the late afternoon, then had a light dinner and cuddled on the couch watching Sleeping Beauty. After that, she was ready to go to sleep. And so was I. Come to think of it, I'm still wiped out. The kiddo wasn't sick this year for Halloween--the first time since she's been born!--but I've got a nasty, painful head cold. Ick. That being said, I'm going to lay down and face the fact that the house won't get cleaned until later.

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Cheryl said...

She's adorable! This was my first non-Halloween. Working. Not getting to see the kids. I'll make sure that doesn't happen next year.