Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Mindless Rambling

The week got off to a crazy start.

Woke up Monday morning just nauseated and exhausted. By Monday night, after making a VERY un-wise decision to have class instead of cancelling, my back hurt so bad I wanted to scream. Spent an hour on Tuesday in the hospital lab (to see what kind of bacteria is infecting my kidney this time...). Spent Tuesday night teaching a class and had to bite my tongue and not make a scene about a student studying for another class's midterm during my lecture. Went to work today and got caught up on a boat load of paperwork and set up some appointments for next week.

Cuddled with my kiddo for a little while this afternoon. That was so nice. I'm glad she's not old enough to not want to cuddle--I'll miss that when she gets older. I'm cheating on my "Five in Five" plan, because I'm on the computer and she's not in bed yet. Bad mommy.

Ah well. I've got dinner cooking and I have to change clothes and get ready for class tonight. Hope everyone is having a nice, easy week.

More nonsense later...

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Cheryl said...

You're very busy. What do you do just for you?